The Last Man (trailer/featurette)

Posted By: Bryan

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shot and edited as the final for my first video editing class sophomore year in 2005, this movie was my first experience with pyrotechnics, underwater shots, chroma keying and compositing, montage editing, and “squib” gunshot wound practical effects. Notice that the villainous Stewie Peterson, played here expertly by my good friend DJ Swank, is a reprise of a similar villain of the same name from my basement film “Journal Junkies.” The original portrayal of Stewie Peterson by my brother, Oliver, is one of the best and funniest performances I’ve ever seen. DJ did a stellar job as well

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“bensplosion” named so for the pyrotechnician who made the exploding house possible

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  1. Guy Mannly says:

    Love the main guy in this! He is so hot! Need more sleevelessness though he is really bad at swimming.

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