Look Around You (Death)

Posted By: Bryan

[video src="http://www.mgbgfilms.com/NewMedia/mp4/Look%20Around%20You%20Death.mp4"]

Perhaps my most reviled and controversial college movie. When my group made Look Around You for Video Production II at Bloomsburg University, we decided to make 3 episodes, and to basically split them up so one person was in charge of the writing and the humor. Paper and Rubber were written by Sharyn Grotsky, and Death was written by my friend Aaron Hagenbuch. Aaron pitched this idea to me about a segment on roadkill. I told him we should get a stuffed animal and pretend, and he insisted on finding an actual dead animal to film the segment. When we shot the segment with the roadkill, I was fine with it until the “releasing it into the wild” bit. I gave the camera to Aaron at that point and washed my hands (figuratively and literally) of the segment. Unfortunately, because of my zombie bit, I think this is the funniest of the three.

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