Kraft: Have a Happy Cheese commercial contest entry

Posted By: Bryan

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I got wind of a commercial contest Kraft had where they were looking for a 30 second spot glorifying the grilled cheese sandwich. I saw it as an excellent excuse to try some chroma key work, which I hadn’t done in about a year at that point (and I had never attempted it with my own equipment). I did not win, and I learned a valuable lesson: when using chroma key effects, you can NOT sacrifice on lighting. Lighting is key. I was pleased with the cloning effects I had pulled off: I only had one flight suit and one chair cover. I told my actors not to cross an invisible center line, and I was able to splice the footage so it looks like they are both wearing different flight suits. I achieved the cockpit effect by mounting the plastic motorcycle helmet visor that had been decorated with cockpit windshield trim at camera level, and shooting the actors through that.


  • Oliver Ghingold: Astronaut #1
  • Corey Griffith: Astronaut #2

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