Coin Toss from No Country for Old Men

Posted By: Bryan

[video src="'s%20final-%20NO%20COUNTRY%20FOR%20OLD%20MEN.mp4"]

I didn’t script or shoot this, but I did edit it for Mike Pituch (if Professor Vituccio is watching, you should retroactively deduct points because he didn’t edit his own final exam). Our final exam for Technical Directing was to pick a 5 minute scene from any movie, storyboard it, and then from our storyboards alone, recreate the scene in the camera, and again through editing, and then present it to the class. Mike asked me to play the Javier Bardem role of the assassin Anton Chigurh.


  • Bryan Ghingold: Anton Chigurh
  • Brooks Cantrell: Shop Owner

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