MG&BG Films started in 1994 as M.G. & B.G. Comics. Bryan Ghingold and Matthew (Oliver) Ghingold, two brothers in Evansville, IN, drew crude “Mortal Kombat” comics on scrap paper their father brought home from the office. Soon after drawing the “Mortal Kombat” comics, the brothers began creating their own, original characters.

In the summer of 1999, the Ghingold family purchased a Mini-DV camcorder; the first their family had owned since the 1980s. Almost immediately, Bryan and Matthew began making video narratives; sometimes with toys or puppets, sometimes with actors. These silly, often unscripted “Basement Films” were the seed that ultimately pushed Bryan toward film studies, and a career in film and video production.

At the end of the Basement Films era, the two brothers parted ways. In the early 2000s, Matthew started going by his middle name, and suggested that Bryan produce films under the company name “BG&OG Films.” Bryan, being far too sentimental, refused, and Oliver left the company forever (though he will still do some consulting from time to time). The two brothers are still on very good terms, and collaborate often on small business ventures and creative projects.



Bryan Ghingold

Bryan Ghingold is a professional videographer and video editor. He has been interested in video and film production since a young age, making short videos in his basement and backyard often starring his friends and family.

Bryan decided to pursue film studies at the University of Pittsburgh where he earned a degree in 2009.

Bryan has over 8 years videography experience, acting as director of photography for narrative features, shorts, documentaries, as well as event videography.

Mike Pituch

Mike’s profile coming soon. He is a busy man. In the mean time, check him out on youtube ->here<-.

D.J. Swank


Though primarily a writer, D.J. Swank has appeared in MGBG Films productions since 2006 and often collaborates on projects in the pre-filming stages.

Prior to making the jump to films, D.J. was an active member of the Nuremberg Community Players, an amateur theater group in Northeastern PA. He has starred in a number of NCP productions such as Honk, South Pacific, and Noises Off, which he also co-directed. D.J. also co-wrote, co-directed, and co-starred in the NCP original musical comedy When Fairy Tales Collide, in which he had a hand in everything from song lyrics to set design.

D.J. is currently at work on revising his first novel and you can follow his weekly blog on arts and entertainment -> here <-.

Chuck Mangan

Chuck has been involved with M.G. & B.G. Films since high school.

Occasionally popping in and out whenever an extra set of hands are needed, Chuck is currently pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Look for his cameo roles in Forced Injection and The Last Days of Nathan Miller.

CJ Pelosi

CJ’s Bio consists of trillions of cells filled with many task oriented microscopic organelles. Inside the nucleus is 23pair chromosomes making up his DNA.

CJ was born and raised in New Jersey. He follows NJ sports teams. According to CJ, the NJ Devils are the ONLY sports team to watch, unless of course an epic battle of Bocce comes on.

Now that he has earned his BS in Management, he is looking towards Film Production classes with the desire to remain behind the camera. Why not acting? It has been said that CJ is a cross between two Willliams: Shakespeare and Shatner. His acting has been described as “terribad!” Here’s to hoping the future in Production is bright!

Marilyn Malia

Marilyn Malia is a “Jaques of all trades.” With experience in cinematography, editing, special effects, writing, management, marketing, and more, she is slowly taking over the film industry.

Working toward a degree in neuroscience, Malia hopes to better the world by some day giving Bryan Ghingold a Liberal Lobotomy.

In the mean time, they collaborate on various video and film projects.